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Welcome ICAHN, Professional Education Services members, and Illinois healthcare providers! Provided as a service of the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network in partnership with HomeTown Health University, we are pleased to offer the NEW ICAHN Workforce Academy online education platform.

If you are interested in a program for your department, office, or facility, please contact a member of our team to help answer your questions. 

If you are a new user, or if this is your first time accessing the online courses, please take a moment to create a username/password by clicking the blue “Register for Free” button on the top right corner of your screen.   When registering, if you do not see your facility name listed, please select “ICAHN Member” as your Facility/Group.
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Initial funding for the ICAHN Workforce Academy was provided by the Telligen Community Grant Initiative.   



ICAHN Professional Education Services Clinical
Webinar Series

ICAHN Rural Nurse
Residency Program

ICAHN Nurse Preceptor Academy

Business Office Education Starter Series


Upcoming Events & Webinars from ICAHN

  Annual Rural Nurse Residency
Training Program from ICAHN 

Training for the development, preparation and support of Nurse Preceptors and leaderss

 IACET accredited course series for the Hospital Business Office


School of Revenue Cycle Management

Patient Financial Services/
Business Office

School of Health Information Technology

School of ICD-10

inetSRCM inetPFS inetHIT inetICD10
IACET accredited training for Business Office Managers, Revenue Cycle Directors and their staff
IACET accredited Certification for Patient Access, Billing & Financial Counselors
IACET accredited training for IT staff in physician office and
hospital settings
IACET accredited training for coders, HIM and physicians to prepare for the ICD-10 conversion


School of
Long Term Care

Custom Hospital Annual
Education & Orientation

School of Clinical and
Staff Compliance

School of Physician Office Education

inetLTC inetAnEd inetCSC inetPOE
IACET and NAB accredited training
for caregivers in elder care settings and LTC facilities
Customized facility compliance training and new hire orientation IACET accredited training for management and staff in areas of compliance IACET accredited training for Physician Office compliance



National School of
Applied TeleHealth
IACET accredited Certifications for telehealth providers      

Your Illinois Contacts from ICAHN and I-Net:

Kathy Fauble, Director

Liz Swanson, Assistant Director


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If you have any questions or need additional information related to group subscription pricing, please contact:
Meghan Williams, Customer Relations Coordinator
229-308-4996 or meghan.williams@hometownhealthonline.com

If you need assistance with a course enrollment, facility reporting or with user account information such as your username, please email hthtech@hometownhealthonline.com.

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